Our Mission

To help you become a true equestrian by offering elegant, affordable and innovative products including gloves, saddle pads, and much more.


Farris Equestrian Ltd.

Farris Brand was born out of a desire to fulfil our passion for this beautiful sport with high-quality yet affordable products.

We wanted to create something unique, innovative, and affordable to improve your riding experience, making it enjoyable and memorable.

Farris Equestrian Flexigrip Performance Gloves elegant shopfarris


Innovative, Affordable, and Elegant

We know how challenging your journey is. While riding can be a complex, demanding, and humbling experience, it can also be incredibly rewarding!

We want to be part of your wonderful journey, helping you and your beautiful mount become true champions.

Innovation drives everything we do; each product is meticulously crafted to help you be more comfortable and achieve higher performance while looking great.

Farris Equestrian Flexigrip Performance Gloves impressive shopfarris

“ Flat out impressive

Terribly impressed, I've never
had a pair this perfectly designed.

K.T. Western NC, US


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